Many patients across the world who suffer from fatigue are using Reiki treatment and applications as a viable and primary way for them to get rid of much of the symptoms and inject a new sense of energy into their lives. This is no surprise as Reiki itself deals with spiritual and universal energies, and applies them to Chakras across the human body. One of the things that many patients who have undergone Reiki therapy have attested to is the new levels of energy and the new spring in the step that they experience once they have gone through a few sessions.

Fatigue itself can come from many sources, and how they materialise in the human body and how they affect a person can vary. It’s a modern day disease, and Reiki is sort of an expert on modern day diseases. Emotional stress can be one of the main things that cause fatigue if there are no physical signs of the condition. Stress from work, from relationships or from worrying on a day to day basis can cause one to feel very tired, lose sleep and feel their levels of energy go down. Fatigue can affect all aspects of life. Especially if it manifests itself in physical symptoms that will make a person listless and always crave sleep. It can be traced to an increase level of serotonin in the nervous system as well.

Reiki can help to treat all forms of fatigue. The Japanese natural healing technique uses energy meridians as focal points to identify where the problem stems from. The ideal behind this is that fatigue is caused by an imbalance in the body, and this is where the energy flows are interrupted or blocked, and there is an over activity within the body. This concept can also be applied to blood and the vessels that transport it all over our body. Once there is a blockage, there is a problem, and it usually manifests itself in physical symptoms that if not treated, can cause serious problems in the long run. This is the same for energy or KI within our body. If we do not treat it at an early stage, or at any stage at all, then major problems might appear.

Using Reiki, we see fatigue as a precursor that there is a problem with the Chakra and the energy within the body. Most experts on the subject would agree that to treat fatigue using Reiki treatments, we would need to focus on the belly area and the breathing of the patient. It is said that the belly is the bonfire of the human soul and body, and that if there is a problem with the energy flow in that area, it affects the entire biological operation. If you are able to treat yourself using Reiki, then focus on the belly and the upper area of the pubic bone. Focus the energies on these areas and you will see a difference after a few treatments. It is a good idea to track your progress and see how energetic you feel after a few sessions. The benefits are enormous, and even patients with major illnesses like cancer use Reiki as a viable form of treatment.