Reiki books are all over the world where they try and disseminate to you the teachings of Usui and all the masters that have come after him. They often talk about the kind of holistic healing that this natural Japanese healing technique tries to teach, and there are many thoughts and philosophies behind them. You may come across many books when you are searching for the best reference material to pad up your Reiki learning, and there are some real gems out there. This article will talk about how these books are part of an effective stable of Reiki therapy tools just like the a Reiki table , and the best kinds that you should be looking for.

The first thing you have to define is what school of Reiki you are learning from. There is a marked difference between the traditional form of Reiki that came out of Japan and many of the teachings that hold on to the old ways, and the modern Reiki of the West. The modern Reiki is much more clinical in its approaches and has adopted a much more diagnostic approach to using energy and healing people. This is quite marked from Usui’s original form of Reiki. This is because the former has come from the inception of the Japanese form of healing, born from the spirit and mind of the original master as he melded what he learned from Buddhism to what he attuned himself with to the universe. But the normal Reiki books and music, which are critical for Reiki will still be the staples to therapy sessions.

This has created a form of Reiki that is very intuitive and very reactive to the patient. There is no one treatment for any form of pain or discomfort, or even if the patient has a specific disease. The masters of traditional Reiki would use their knowledge of the universal KI or energy, and their intuition to find the blockages and the interruptions within the energy meridians in the body. If we were to look at the more modern application of this art form, what we would find is that there is much more clericalism to its approach. There are set directives and set hand positions to be learnt when it comes to specific ailments and diseases, and this is why you need to define your belief and the path that you are going to follow. Often, these books are split into the various disciplines and the traditionalist or non-traditionalism forms of teachings within them.

The best Reiki books to get are those who also speak about the general healing guides and the study of how energy interacts within the human body. These books should also recommend Reiki music. These general guides are like instruction manuals for you to practice on yourself. The more you understand about how the body works and how energy, or KI, travels from one point to another, then you will have a far better understanding on what you need to look for, what you need to feel and how you are going to use the spiritual energies to heal yourself or other people. As part of Reiki therapy, knowledge is surely power.