Many of you might have been introduced to the self-healing Reiki hands position early on when Learning Reiki, and the benefits of mastering this art is the ability to induce this therapy on yourself. Practice does indeed make perfect, especially when it comes to this form of natural healing, and the more you attune yourself to the various energies in the universe and the body, the more adept you are going to be. While this is true of most disciplines in the world today, Reiki is a special sort of art form where learning is a never ending journey.

Reiki Hands PositionsAccording to the masters of Reiki, the sheer information and the way we interact with the energies of the world – or life force – is something that changes all the time. Our understanding of KI and how Reiki treats others, will never be the same, even on a day to day basis. The world will reveal to us something new all the time and this is the key focus of Reiki and other natural forms of healing that rely on the universe as their primary tool.   Hands are the main form in which energies are transferred from the master to the patient. The first thing that you learn is how to attune yourself to these energies and this requires plenty of focus and concentration.

It is said that there are people in the world today that are able to attune themselves quickly, and utilise Reiki treatment within a span of moments, but many practitioners today say there is no substitute for proper tuition and training. The good news is that there are many Reiki establishments in the modern world today, and many modern healthcare places offer Reiki as an alternative treatment to alleviating discomfort and pain. Many modern day diseases and their symptoms can be treated by using Reiki . One of the most common is fatigue and migraines. Headaches are the most common form of discomfort and pain attributed within the body, and with the use of the self-healing Reiki position, you are able to treat yourself quite easily.  There are many diagrams on the web that you can refer to on how you are able to administer these movements on yourself. Different parts of the body require you to place your hands differently, as they treat different things and often interact with the Chakras in a much different way.

The desire to learn and find out more would be the spur you would need to master as fast as you could on Reiki and its self-healing benefits. At the end of the day, how Reiki can help you comes in so many forms, and you would be able to treat discomfort and pain as and when it comes. This is especially useful for patients of diseases or ailments where pain is a constant. Reiki also promotes new energy levels and gets rid of fatigue, giving you a new lease on life, a sense of wellbeing through balancing the human energy flow. As you progress to advance Reiki hands positions, your understanding too will grow.