One of the great things about this natural self-healing technique and gaining a deeper understanding of Reiki training and attunement is that you are perfectly able to perform this on yourself. This means you have a powerful tool that can be more effective than conventional pain killers to ease your discomfort or certain levels of pain when you are at home and when a doctor is not in reach. Now, we are not saying of course that it is a replacement to the current treatments that you are currently undergoing. However, Asian therapies and natural healing techniques have become very popular because they work, and they work very well. The issue with most of them is that you need to visit an expert who has the right tools and equipment for you to be able to reap some of the benefits.

This is especially true of natural healing therapies like Acupuncture or even Shiatsu massage. They require a specific environment and tools, and some might not be too comfortable with the invasive nature of the former method of treatment which we mentioned. Reiki is great because at its most basic and most powerful, it does not need to have any sort of medication or instrument for an effective delivery. Those who have mastered the art form have first mastered administrating it on themselves. This is the core of Reiki – belief, which includes Reiki and breathing, the vessel of energy attunement. You cannot heal someone if you yourself do not believe in the method of healing. One you are convinced of the power of Reiki, then you will have the confident to heal someone else. The best thing about this is that there are no barriers to entry either. Children, the elderly and even the sick are able to practice and learn Reiki on their own. It does not require knowledge in some arcane subject beforehand and much of the material is available and widespread to the public.

For basic Reiki training, you will be able to learn the foundations of the technique in a few hours. While this does not mean that you will become an expert in a short while, but you will be able to get yourself started. The Important thing to note here is that practice makes perfect, and the more you do, the more you will learn, and the more attuned you will be to the universal energies that are around us. You will then be able to fully focus on the power of energy healing and identify parts of your body that have blockages or where your Chakras are overactive.

Being able to identify these areas are very important for you to master the three Stages of Reiki and move on to teach others. In a typical Reiki session, you will often practice on other students. The culture of helping one another is the foundation for healing, and as positive energies collide in a single room, the tendencies to learn and grow together will be exponentially increased. From self learning, you will be able to impart your knowledge to your friends, families and anyone willing to learn.