There are many things to have come out of Japan – but one of the most mysterious and less understood phenomenon(Reiki) is a little known spiritual method of healing heralded by a creator called Usui. Many people have asked  – What is Reiki and how does it work? Today this article will try to dispel a little of the myths and help you understand how this original Japanese creation has started sweeping the West.

It is actually a method of healing that channels the well of spirituality – something the Japanese believe is all around us and is a viable force we can use for healing. Of course, we have to find it first, and that is where training comes in. It is very possible for anyone to become adept at Reiki – even master the art, but like all disciplines, this will take time and dedication. In the teachings of Usui, the progenitor of Reiki, he mentions belief as one of the most important aspects of mastering the spiritual arts. He himself was a student of various shamanistic disciplines that used the well spring of universal energy and channelling them through the physical points of the body.

At the heart of this traditional and very alternative form of medicine are the hands (also known as the Spirit of Usui), which are the nexus in which spiritual energy is channelled through. Using tactile contact, hands and palms are placed on areas of the body which are inflicted – either with emotional or physical pain. Mental distraught and afflictions, like clinical depression, stress or anxiety are also some of the things that Reiki can help with. You might think this borders on the fantastical, but there have been many proven instances where this method of healing has had a direct and fundamental impact on patients who have suffered from a variety of ailments.

After all, there is only so far something of this nature can go if it proves to be ineffective time and time again. In fact, the healing hands have spread far and wide from the original Eastern shores to the world of the West, and a quick check online will lead you to many centres and platforms in the world where they have featured Reiki as a viable and recommended form of treatment for people with various ailments. Not as a replacement, it is a supplement that is uniquely drug and chemical free, and does not require the patient to consume or apply any special compound or ingredient. Because the basic tools of Reiki are the mind and the hands, and the ability to tap into the universal spirituality, it can be done as many times as one wants, and at any time.

We can draw Reiki to many parallels in the world today, from different cultures and beliefs all over the world. Placed upon the pillars of belief and discipline, approached with an open mind and a willingness to dive beyond what is known, we can then venture into a new world of possibilities, where healing and respite might just be a healing hand away and you will find wonders in Reiki, its wisdom, spirit and godliness.