If you are here to learn about the advanced Reiki hands positions, or learning Reiki in general, than you are in luck. This article will talk a little about how you can find out more information about Reiki and the various advanced classes that you need to take to Master some of the more advanced hand positions. Reiki became really popular in the West around the 80’s and when it first came about, it was quite affordable for one to actually go for a class. But because of inflation and the growing popularity of Reiki, economics have determined that for now, Reiki classes and some of the Master classes can be quite pricey. Even a session of Reiki can set you back a few hundred dollars a time, if you are being seen by a master. This is not unusual for many centres across the West and the modern world.

Even healthcare givers and centres that offer Reiki as an alternative form of treatment to pain will charge top dollar for the treatment.  This is true of advanced Reiki treatments, and this is why we are here today. When you do learn about Reiki and treating others, you will also be introduced to the concept of Reiki symbols, and they go hand in hand when it comes to helping to heal others or yourself. Some of these symbols might include stuff like the Healing Attunement, or the Reiki Chanting, or the Psychic Surgery.

Reiki Hand Advanced

While these names can be quite confusing to learn sometimes, mastering them means that you have achieved another level of Reiki and you can be counted as one of its Masters already. But of course, when you do learn these symbols, it is not about applying them whenever you feel there is a need. Reiki symbols are quite specialised and in this case, you will need to apply them with discretion. For more advanced cases, you will learn methods like the Reiji-Ho, which means indication of the spirit.

This means that you will be able to guide yourself intuitively during a Reiki session and find problem spots within the body. It is a more intuitive form of learning in the sense that you can master the advanced Reiki hands position (such as the self-healing hands position) without having anyone tell you of course. It is better to have a trained professional on hand to guide you, and normally, in a typical Reiki training session, you would be able to have access to a Master which can then tell you what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right.

Advanced hands position and self healing hands positions in this Japanese form of healing also means you need to be attuned to the energy meridian and Chakras within the body. This is also something that you need to Master to be able to effectively be a Reiki healer and administer treatment to others who are in pain and discomfort. Combining the use of Chakras and symbols, Reiki is able to help almost anyone who is afflicted with daily pain and discomfort, or any side effects of treatments.